USA is the only country that can reform the world. Evil and justice are mixed regardless of country. Fortunately, President Trump seems to have stopped the flow of NWO.

America first, Global warming issue(Climatic Research Unit email controversy), Illegal immigration issue, security issue for China (HUAWEI), China’s UNESCO privatization, China’s WHO privatization,WHO’s failure to respond to Covid-19, Brexit. Unification of the United Nations.

The world is not small enough for one country to rule, but I want the USA to lead the way in the world.

If you can't respect others, go out

Unfortunately, the morals of developed countries For underdeveloped countries (countries where moral education is delayed)
It doesn’t work.

Why is a war going on? why,
There will be conflicts in religion. Resource and market competition.

Japan suffered from the Korean curse and learned. Korea is completely different from Japanese values. Japan does not want to have a war with South Korea, so it is heading in a direction that does not deepen relations with South Korea.


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