In ww2, she is said to have been taken to Taipei from Korea when she was 15 years old, and she was about to die after undergoing “electric torture” in the Japanese barracks.

She said one girl had her eyes popped out of torture.

Everyone, please wait a moment. She is a liar. Don’t believe what she says.

There is a motive for human behavior.

Was she deceived and taken by a Japanese? It is unlikely that she will keep up with the Japanese. It’s natural to think of a parent selling her to a Korean prostitute. If you do not think this way, the origin of travel expenses is unknown.

Electric torture ?

One year before the defeat of Japan, it was difficult to imagine that the power was turned on so that electricity could be used in the barracks as resources were exhausted. I can laugh that the barracks are private rooms.

Is it meaningful to torture prostitutes?

Who can break the prostitute as a product and get profits?

This fiction is a projection of the Korean mind. The Koreans are dirty, so the projection is also dirty.

Finally, I don’t think she is 90 years old. Is she not misrepresenting her age?

Pope expresses hope for a “moral rebirth” in South Korea.

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