Greta Thunberg

“You are failing us,” Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old environmental activist, said, addressing world leaders a few minutes after the UN Secretary General’s opening remarks. She chastised those assembled for not doing nearly enough to cut globe-warming emissions and warned them that the youth would never forgive them if they didn’t do more.

Who allowed her to speak?

We are not deceived by propaganda using children. The shadow is hiding the environmental industry (profits from environmental problems).

She says there can be no sustainable development. I think so too. But I don’t think the destruction of humanity due to climate change will happen suddenly.

If climate change is anthropogenic, the cause of fineness is population growth. I dare to speak wildly, but wouldn’t humans be deceived without global warming countermeasures? Climate change will be resolved if the world population is halved due to climate change damage. In developed countries, the population is declining. Developing countries have an increasing population. Developing countries become victims. In any case, I am optimistic that climate change will not suddenly destroy humanity. The climate change industry can only be seen as a play for the wealthy.

Should we not deal with population problems?

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