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Humans are spiritual creatures. Maybe animals and plants and water…

< The mysterious phenomenon in the spiritual world >
(Limited to what I believe.)

  1. Pracebo & Nocebo
  2. Quantum touch
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Qigong
  5. The power of prayer
  6. Reincarnation
  7. Natural Healing
  8. The Healing Power of Nature
  9. Remote Viewing
  10. Human body, Plant, water, Etc…

< 1 >

Read “PLACEBO AND NOCEBO EFFECT”. ( English / Japanese )

< 9 >

CIA Remote Viewing Manual.pdf ( A password is required to open this file. )
CIA Remote Viewing Manual.pdf ( Japanes )

< 10 >

If you let the plants listen to classical music, the growth will improve. The minority of Japanese farmers does so.

For water, see ‘Message from Water‘ in the Solfeggio frequencies article.

Humans contain about 60% water. If there is unknown energy in water, the unknown energy of water will have a big effect on the human body.

The cow becomes a compass. Migratory birds are presumed to feel a magnetic force. The same applies to dogs. It’s no wonder that humans feel magnetic.

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