Due to the actions of the Korean government, Japan has become unable to trust the Korean government. This is because the Korean government ignores international rules as a matter of course.


The Real Issue Between Japan and Korea Is Trust.


The Korean government is abnormal. South Korea uses a different dimension negotiation card for diplomatic negotiations with Japan. The Korean government is abnormal. South Korea uses a different dimension negotiation card (GSOMIA) for diplomatic negotiations with Japan.

Read “Statement by Minister Seko on the Decision of the Republic of Korea to Terminate the General Security of Military Information Agreement”.

Since the Japanese government has a diplomatic ritual, it cannot be said that the Japanese government will insult South Korea. If I personally criticize Korea as a Japanese citizen, Koreans have low intelligence. Or is the Korean intentionally misleading?

President  Moon Jae-in

President  Moon Jae-in said,

When we remember and reflect on the past, we can be born-again. Recollection and self-reflection about the past can never be completed. This is not something that can be brought to conclusion just by saying that repentance is over because it was uttered once or that the past is completely over because an agreement was reached once.

Japan has agreed with South Korea that it has been irreversibly fully resolved.

What does the Agreement between nations mean for the Korean government?

In fact, the Korean government has abandoned its agreement with Japan many times.

The President of Korea will inspire his own nationality and incite his own people. And Koreans say that Japan is bad not only in Korea but also in other countries. ( Even though in 1965, Japan agreed to the Korean government that the damage caused by the merger of Korea was completely resolved by providing 1.6 times the economic support of Korea’s GDP at that time. is there. )

Japan and Korea are friends who fought together in World War II.

When Japan lost the war, Korea betrayed Japan. And Korea asked the Allies to join Korea as a victorious country but was refused by the United States.

Korea tried to invade Takeshima(Dokuto) from Japan but was denied by the United States.

As regards the island of Dokdo, otherwise known as Takeshima or Liancourt Rocks, this normally uninhabited rock formation was according to our information never treated as part of Korea and, since about 1905, has been under the jurisdiction of the Oki Islands Branch Office of Shimane Prefecture of Japan. The island does not appear ever before to have been claimed by Korea.

August 10, 1951 Former Deputy Secretary of State Dean Rusk (excerpt of Rusk documents)

South Korea military-occupied Dokuto(Takeshima) in 1952.

When the Treaty of Peace with Japan was being drafted, the Republic of Korea asserted its claims to Dokto but the United States concluded that they remained under Japanese sovereignty and the Island was not included among the Islands that Japan released from its ownership under the Peace Treaty. The Republic of Korea has been confidentially informed of the United States position regarding the islands but our position has not been made public. Though the United States considers that the islands are Japanese territory, we have declined to interfere in the dispute. Our position has been that the dispute might properly be referred to the International Court of Justice and this suggestion has been informally conveyed to the Republic of Korea.

1954 Report of Van Fleet mission to the Far East

What I want to say. As the facts show, Korea was a barbarian who did not keep his promise for a long time. Betray people for no reason, lie, involve other countries and do propaganda.

Koreans do not know History. Koreans cannot read primary materials because they cannot read the Chinese text. The citizens are learning the fake history made by the government and written in Korean. There is a big wall to get to the truth.

The Korean government educates children that Japan is an enemy. That’s why Korean younger children write pictures that insult Japan. Can this be called education? To me, Korea seems to be a cult religion.

The Korean government believes in false history. “South Korea is to fight with Japan, win the war and become independent”. So for Korea, Japan is an enemy country. Even today, Korea is hostile to Japan. South Korea wants to increase its military power and have a nuclear bomb to attack Japan. Little is known about South Korea’s efforts to own nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. South Korea also attempted to purchase an Aero refueling aircraft from the United States in the hopes of bombing Tokyo but has been denied by the United States.

Koreans are crazy about hate Japan.
It is common knowledge of Koreans to pretend to be Japanese when doing bad things in other countries.

Koreans cannot explore the history and I think Koreans are unhappy. However, efforts to help Koreans are wasted. Most Japanese don’t want to get involved with Korea anymore.

Finally, I will introduce a book called ‘Anti-Japan Tribalism’.
Anti-Japan Tribalism (반일 종족주의) is a book written by Lee Young-hoon, Kim Nak-nyeon, Kim Yong-sam, Ju Ik-jong, and Lee U-yeon. It was published from Miraesa on July 10, 2019. It was subtitled the root of the Korean crisis (대한민국 위기의 근원).

This is a book created by a group of top Korean history professors. They tell the historical truth and are at risk of being killed. This book has a history close to Japanese claims.

Talking about the true history in Korea denies the Korean government and denies tribal history.

In the photo on the left, the comfort woman has a delusion and worships the comfort woman statue.
In the early stages, comfort women’s testimony included words such as jeep, trouser zippers, Christmas and helicopters. At that time, there was no such thing in Japan. And the comfort women testified that “Japan killed and buried 200,000 comfort women to conceal war crimes.”

If the comfort women’s testimony is true, where are the 200,000 dead bodies buried? Where was that effort? Where were the 200,000 bullets? Was there fuel to burn the corpse? What were the Koreans fighting with the Japanese doing? Did Korean citizens look silently? Why is the population of Korean citizens increasing?

The lack of Korean imagination is fatal. A person who lacks imagination will not question anything.

In 1945, Japan has run out of physical and human resources. When the defeat became more intense, the Japanese government planned to have 20 million citizens fight with bamboo fences in preparation for the mainland decisive battle. The 20 million people consisted of men between the ages of 15 and 60 and women between the ages of 17 and 40. The goal was to have the US slaughter 20 million Japanese citizens and make the US a concession. But without waiting for it, Japan surrendered.

The biggest war crime of the Japanese Empire is that it did not respect the lives of the Japanese people. The Banzai attack and the Kamikaze attack are worthy of criticism.

The mass media response is this.

The Author of Anti-Japanese Tribalism Distorted History at the UN Funded by Japanese Far Right


A Korean newspaper reporter seems to think that Japan gave a bribe to a Korean historian and published the results of historical research so that it would benefit Japan.

Koreans do not understand the spirit of sports or the nature of scholars. Koreans will never understand Galileo Galilei forever.

I want to ask Koreans. If you make historical statements in favor of Japan, you may be killed. Do you speak like that if you get money? The motivation for scholars is true inquiry, conscience, and patriotism. This scholar worries about the destruction of Korea and is trying to guide the Korean people in the right direction. They are true patriots.

Updated the article on September 7

Following Busan City, Seoul City Council passed the ordinance that “Koreans must make efforts not to purchase products of Japanese war criminals“.

In 1965, South Korea agreed to normalize diplomatic relations with Japan by promising that Japan would provide great economic cooperation. Since Korea was not a victorious country, Japan could not use the term compensation.

70 years have passed since the end of WW2. Why does Korea now treat Japan as a war criminal country and conduct non-buying movements of war criminal companies at the national level?

Korea is a friend who fought with Japan. If Japan is called a war criminal, Korea is a war criminal. The Korean army also used comfort women. Are Koreans a memory disorder?

Koreans raped and slaughtered Vietnamese citizens during the Vietnam War. Has the Korean forgotten that?

South Korea accuses Japan of ‘going to militarism’. Is that really the case? Japan is the number one ‘does not fight for its own country’. Japan became chicken with GHQ. ( See the figure below )

Read Statment.

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