As a result of surveying, I was convinced that cheap energy exists, but it seems to be assassinated when pursuing this.

The Hendershot generator is not a perpetual motion machine; a working device gathers and shunts ambient magnetic currents in a ringing bell fashion across a circuit. As the magnetic field becomes increasingly coupled into the circuit the power flux increases. All those that claim such systems are a scam do not understand the electical principals in operation behind the workings of such power coupling machines. These machines are not generators per say but more acurately energy pumps that siphon electircal currents from oscillating magnetic fields pulsuating across the radio membraine of the universe known as ether.
The best way to get your hands on this type of technology is learn the principals for which it operates on and design and construct your own machine. People that have been lied to all their life regarding electrical science are the most skeptical that such technologies do exist and have been purposely gaged and blocked from becoming mainstream. I advise you to press on in your research and try designing a machine yourself.
It will be a rare gem to find a working machine for sale, many that are attempting to sell them are very skittish and will hide themseleves from potential trouble because they fear for their lives. Naysayers will always be fast to criticize those that have courage to speak up and tell the truth, being taken for a fool before themselves. If you really want such a free energy machine keep searching for a seller; eventually you will find one.
You may get feeled out for your sincerety and or get tricked along the way but one day you will get a free energy machine and or acquire the knowledge to make one yourself. But you need to keep at the pursuit, the naysayers will drop off the trail at some point and you will know the secrets to exctracting electrical energy from the enviroment like hendershot and others. Also, just a heads up, the energy current from static energies is cold and non shocking. Thats how you will recognize you got things right!

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eBay has a Hendershot kit that says it has all of the hard to find parts, but the photos just show a bunch of starter caps which definitely are not hard to find parts.I agree with Igon 2131. There has been suppression in the field of physics and others with respect to energy by both big oil and the government and the reason should be obvious. Instead we have many who worship at the feet of the LAWS OF PHYSICS…At least what they’ve been told about them. I have been trying to find all of the earliest textbooks from around Tesla’s time…not necessarily American textbooks… because there was not as much of this chiseled in stone mentality and there are some pearls of wisdom to be found in them. But at this point we have a vast majority of scholars with tunnel vision who have done very little innovating but they do expend a lot of effort on getting publishing!! Oh yes! The almighty printed pages of scientific journals on! Where men and women praise each other’s mostly worthless theories and experiments! The stagnant pool of academia is due to the arrogant notion that we already know everything, or at least all of the major stuff, and if your round pegs come near our square holes we will unleash a frenzy of ridicule and campaign unceasingly to discredit you into obscurity FOREVER! Or….the oil industry will have you killed and your work destroyed or confiscated. And that’s about the gist of it. So we have had to get creative. If there’s ever going to be a new way to generate energy for the masses that is sustainable and safe for our planet it will come from the open source movement where brilliant physicists and engineers go, who don’t buy into this mentality of “it can’t be done”, to exchange ideas, information, technology, test results, schematics, etc. They have succeeded in achieving overunity. Of course, they have had to turn their backs on the unholy trinity (big oil/academia/government) and abandon the paradigm of science for profit. It’s only a matter of time before they accomplish the scale needed and topple the ivory towers of the energy tyrants. And good riddance! As for the armchair experts….whatever. Not worth debating. It’s tiresome and unproductive. Kind of like trying to get a jackass to move when it doesn’t want to.

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Please tell us if you are successful in the experiment.

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