At that time Japan was officially defined as the country that the Emperor made. For Japanese citizens, Imperial Rescript on Education’was given.

To briefly explain, the people should become a moral person for the Emperor. When the country is in crisis, people will give life to the Emperor. It is that.

Fortunately, the Emperor had a virtue. The people supported the Emperor.

Japan opened and expanded its territory from the rule of the West. The moral of the Japanese was kept.

What made me unhappy was that the Japanese fought for the Emperor. Japanese soldiers are not allowed to surrender. Ultimately, I was forced to have a special attack (an honorable death). The surrender was delayed, so the people died uselessly. With the Tokyo air raid, the people died by 80,000 people. Due to the atomic bomb to Nagasaki city, the people died 70,000 people. The atomic bomb dropped to Hiroshima City, the people died 170,000 people. It is not a warrior, but an ordinary citizen.

Imperial Rescript on Education(English and Japanese)’ was abolished in 1957, but the affirmative aspect remained in the heart of the Japanese.

Currently, only China and Korea speak badly for Japan.

USA violated the Geneva Convention, but because it was a victorious country, there was never to be tried.

The end.


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