According to Global Wealth Report 2015, The top 1 % of wealth holders now own half of all household wealth.

Although wealth gaps are noticeable, I do not blame the wealthy. Although there is a plan of global taxation, it is not effective. How do you want to do? There is one thing I would like to propose.

The state should ensure the minimum living standards (food, clothing, housing, education, medical care) of the people.

Poverty is the root of evil. Poverty sedans evil. Policies will pay attention to the poor by the state’s guarantee of living. Policies for the rich will be few.

If possible, I hope to be a society where you can make lots of money if you work a lot. Ultimately it depends on personal values. People seeking possession ask for money. People seeking actions seek time. The definition of happiness is each person.

I may turn 7 billion people to enemies, but I am atheist. There are religions as many as ethnic groups. If you believe in God, you must affirm a number of gods. The teaching to eliminate other gods is not God’s word. A God can not say how “If you do not believe me, you will fall into hell”.

I believe that the spirit world exists. However, I do not think hell and heaven exist.

I think Japanese people are basically many atheists.


The end.


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